BodyTalk For Animals

Living in a human environment often causes conflict with the natural instincts of animals which may manifest as physical, behavioural and emotional malfunctioning within an animal’s bodymind. It can lead to disease, which is most often mistaken tor behavioural issues.

Animals are also vulnerable to all kinds of stresses in their environment, as well as to training/conditioning methods. Domestic animals will in some cases instinctively carry their human “pack’s” illnesses for them, which may affect their health and wellbeing.

Animals, both domestic and wild, are powerful conduits of energy and constantly amaze with how much they absorb from humans and their environment. They sense things before we do, owing to their intense and sharp senses: our stress, anger, sadness and emotions, even just the tone of our voices or body language, affects them.

  • BodyTalk sessions complement veterinary science/healing (it’s never a replacement) and work well with other healing modalities on critically ill or injured animals in accelerating the healing process.
  • Addresses food allergies, intolerances, toxins, parasites, musculoskeletal problems and much more.
  • It assists with emotional healing in traumatised animals, or those suffering from separation anxiety from a vet visit or stay at a kennel, as well as newly adopted rescue animals.
  • It greatly improves the owner pet relationships during the transitions between phases of life, to help cope with stresses and environmental changes and to adapt accordingly.
  • It helps with pre- and post surgery and veterinary procedure support, by preparing the animal so they get through it as smoothly as possible.
  • Restores immune system and health after an animal had a bad reaction to a vaccination.
  • Help get to the root problem of an animal’s continued health issues, so they can heal.
  • Assist pets suffering from pain of and where the vets have not been able to help them beyond a certain point.
  • It can facilitate communication where it feels like an animal has something important to tell.
  • It facilitates and assists both animal and caregiver to ease the process where a pet is ready to make the transition and one is not sure how to help them feel better or know what they want – being there for them to help and observe the process can greatly help both to ease the transition and assist with the grieving process.
  • With regular sessions it helps maintain animal health and well-being.

Each species or breed of animal has its own unique connection to the environment. Their role in nature and the unique way in which they respond individually to energy and to their environment makes them deserving of their own unique type of BodyTalk.

A BodyTalk session can help us understand why our animal’s body is experiencing disease and/or behavioural or emotional issues, while reprogramming it to work as it should.

So how do we rebalance the bodymind of an animal so that it can refocus on its natural instinct to heal and be well?

By following a comprehensive protocol of questions, the BodyTalk Practitioner can establish exactly what balancing the body needs in order to harmonise the bodymind functions and reconnect or synchronise communication links on a physical and emotional level in order for the body to heal itself.

Animals usually respond quicker to BodyTalk than humans do.

What Makes BodyTalk for Animals Effective?

  • BodyTalk for Animals is non-invasive, safe, effective, and easily integrated into other healthcare systems.
  • It can be used as a stand-alone therapy for behavioural and emotional issues.
  • It is compatible with any health modality addressing the physical healing of animals; in fact, it ensures faster healing after injury.
  • It is effective for all animals, including domestic pets (even goldfish) and wild animals.
  • It recognises that each animal, species and breed is unique.
  • A session always focuses on the animals whole human “family”, making it extremely effective and powerful for the whole family.
  • It allows the animal bodymind’s own healing abilities to bring about change; there is no diagnosis or homework or prescribed medication.
  • There are no harmful side-effects.
  • BodyTalk for Animals addresses specific ailments or behavioural issues, but also maintains emotional and physical health, and prevents illness.

What to Expect From a BodyTalk for Animals Session

  • Sessions are usually done in the animal’s normal environment, either in person or via video call, as this prevents additional stress and enhances the effectiveness of sessions.
  • The Practitioner will begin the session by discussing the health and behavioural issues with the owner.
  • The Practitioner always work hands-off to ensure safety and comfort and to give the animals freedom of movement in order for them to fully process the sessions and make shifts.
  • Since the animal’s bodymind has an inherent knowledge of itself, the Practitioner will quickly and easily ask the animal’s body which communication circuits have been compromised, and in which order these lines of communication need to be repaired for the fastest possible healing process.
  • Once all the issues have been established, a,tapping procedure is initiated with the owner acting as surrogate. This starts up a standing wave which urges the brain to “fix” the faulty area, the heart to “store” the repair and the gut to “integrate” the corrections.
  • The bodymind remembers each BodyTalk session and the animal’s healing process will continue with each additional treatment.

Lots of people talk to animals….. but not many listen.  Animals are truly amazing beings and have so much to teach us.  They laugh, play, weep, grieve, worry, fear, think, feel and, most importantly, they live their lives to the fullest in the present, forgive the past, and accept whatever the future is with open hearts.


BodyTalk for Animals helps us understand our pets and their needs better so they can lead longer and happier lives!

Angel, our kitty, was lethargic, bordering on depressed. After a BodyTalk session there were visible changes in his behaviour almost immediately. By the end of the day, he was back to being his old self, playing and chasing his brothers. The change in his energy levels is clear, and have remained stable ever since the session.

I highly recommend Marlene for all you furry kids’ needs.


My puppy had a severe allergic reaction after her rabies vaccination. It was after hours, and all the vets were closed.  Within an hour after a BodyTalk for Animals session she was alert again and no longer in pain.  The next morning she was back to being her mischievous self.


Our two Jack Russels both had to have their left eyes removed on the same day due to a genetic condition. We were amazed that after only two BodyTalk for Animals sessions within a week, they were running around like nothing ever happened.


Tiana received numerous Bodytalk sessions whilst she bravely fighting a kidney disease.
During the journey she could let us know which treatments and medicine were working for her and what made her feel worse. It was amazing to witness her response to BodyTalk for Animals sessions and there were vast improvements at times. However, when she no longer wanted to fight and wanted to go “rest” she also let us know and gave mommy time to prepare for her “going”. She even managed to hang on and wait for mom to take the long drive from the farm to the vet where she was during her last days, to say their goodbyes and get one last kiss and hug!


Thank you so much for making Emma’s last week on earth peaceful and comfortable and for helping her in all the ways you did. It helped me tremendously with knowing what to do for her. The many times you “tuned in” with her helped us both on so many levels. I am beyond grateful for all you did for us. You are such a special person and caring soul. You have a tremendous gift!